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01.    Which of the following sorting algorithms has an inversely proportional relationship  between the ratio of the average running time to the worst case running time and the number of elements ?
             (A) Selection Sort
             (B) Merge Sort
             (C) Heap Sort
             (D) Quick Sort
             (E) Binary Tree Sort

02.    An Application Server has a reliability of 475 days between crashes and requires a mean time to restart of 12 hours. If the probability that the server will be able to restart within 24 hours  of its crash is 1, what is its approximate availability?
             (A) 100%
             (B) 97.5%
             (C) 76%
             (D) 88%
             (E) 98.8%

03.    The Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a design pattern used in Software Engineering. It is used to separate the data, user actions and user interface concerns. Which of the following is/are true of this design pattern?
      I.  Model Refers to the domain specific representation of the information on which the application operates.
     II. View renders the model into a form suitable for interaction, typically an user interface.
    III.  Controller processes and responds to events such as user actions, but can never invoke changes on the model.

             (A) I only  (B) II only  (C) III only (D) I & II only  (E) I, II & III
04.    Consider the following Java Program fragment.
                int calculateFibonacci ( int n )
                    if ( n < 2 )
                        return n;
                        return calculateFibonacci ( n-1 ) + calculateFibonacci ( n-2 );
           What will the function return for n=9?

             (A) 8  (B) 5  (C) 34 (D) 20  (E) 13

05.    In modern day compilers, there are various phases involved in compiling a computer program . Which of the following phases generally takes care to break the source code into small pieces called tokens?
            (A) Preprocessing
            (B) Code Generation 
            (C) Semantic Analysis
            (D) Lexical Analysis
            (E) Syntax Analysis

06.    How would the following expression be represented in prefix notation?
                    ( u * v + w  * x ) / ( ( y + z ) * k )
            (A) +*uv*wx*+yzk/
            (B) uv*wx+yz+k*/
            (C) +*uv*wx/*+yzk 
            (D) /+*uv*wx*+yzk
            (E) uv+/*w*x*yzk+

07.    Which of the following algorithmic design technique are Warshall's Algorithm and Floyd's Algorithm based on?
            (A) Greedy Techniques
            (B) Dynamic Programming 
            (C) Brute Force
            (D) Divide-and-Conquer
            (E) Transform-and-Conquer

08.    What is the maximum height of a balanced binary search tree, with n number of nodes?
      (A) log n  (B) n  (C) n - 1 (D) ( n / log n) (E) n * log n

Questions 09-10 are based on binary tree T as shown below.

                                     Binary Tree T

09.    Which of the following represents a postorder traversal of T?
            (A) A B G E D C F H
            (B) D B A E G C F H 
            (C) A G E B H F C D
            (D) A G E H F B D C
            (E) A B E G F H C D  
10.    If T is a binary search tree with smaller elements in left subtree, which of the following contains the second largest element in T?

            (A) E     (B) D     (C) F    (D) H     (E) B

11.    Coaxial Cable is one of the common form of cabling used in early Local Area Networks. Its use is currently prevalent in high speed internet access. What is its prime advantage over other forms of cabling?
            (A) Broadband Transmission can be done on coaxial cables.
            (B) It does not require the use of repeaters.
            (C) It is more flexible than the twisted pair variety.
            (D) The initial cost involved in cabling is very low.
            (E) It is more resistant to background noise & interference.

12.    Which of the following process scheduling policies are starvation free?
        I. First Come First Serve (FCFS)
       II. Shortest Job First (SJF)
      III. Round Robin (RR)

           (A) II only  (B) I only  (C) III only (D) I & III only  (E) I & II only

13.    A minimum spanning tree of a weighted connected graph G has only two edges. The tree will contain which of the following:
        I. Edge with smallest edge weight in graph G.
       II. Edge with second smallest edge weight in graph G.
      III. Edge with largest edge weight in G.

           (A) I & II only  (B) I & III only  (C) II & III only (D) I, II  & III only  (E) III only

14.    Seventy Five Percent of a program will not benefit from additional processors because it is inherently sequential. If the program requires 480 seconds with only one processor, how many processors were used if the program took
        i.  400 seconds to execute?
       ii.  384 seconds to execute?

            (A)  i. 5 Processors ii. 2 Processors
            (B)  i. 3 Processors ii. 5 Processors
            (C)  i. 4 Processors ii. 5 Processors
            (D)  i. 2 Processors ii. 3 Processors
            (E)  i. 6 Processors ii. 8 Processors

15.    According to IEEE standard, a 32-bit, single-precision, floating-point number N is defined to be N = (-1)
s x 1.F x 2E-127,
where S is the sign bit, F is the fractional mantissa and E is the biased exponent.
A floating point number is stored as S : E : F, where S, E and F are stored in 1 bit, 8 bits and 23 bits respectively. What is the decimal value of the floating-point number  C28A0000 (hexadecimal notation)?

            (A) 71  (B) -47  (C) -69 (D) 69  (E) -59

16.    Which of the following string is not in the language described by the regular expression (a*b)*c?
aaaaac (B) aababc (C) abc   (D) bbbbbc  (E) aabc

17.    Professor Jones has invented a new particle accelerator machine which has a processing component called as the beta core. The design of the beta core is based on that of a Turing Machine. Which of the following problems are decidable on the beta core?
            (A)  Whether the machine will accept a certain input.
            (B)  Whether the machine halts on a certain input.
            (C)  Whether the machine accepts any input at all.
            (D)  Whether the machine has at least N states.
            (E) Whether the machine has a DFA equivalent.
18.   Which of the following architectural feature refers to the ability of a  processor to issue more than one instruction simultaneously?
            (A) Pre-fetching
            (B) Caching 
            (C) Superscalar Operation
            (D) Speculative Execution
            (E) Pipelining

19.    Consider the following pseudo code.
            i := 1;
            fact := 1;
            while ( i != n )
               i := i + 1;
               fact := fact * i;
            return fact;

            The following conditions hold true for the above code,
                Pre-Condition: n >= 1
                Post-Condition: fact == n!

            Which of the following is a loop invariant ?

            (A) fact = n! (B)
fact = i! (C) n >= 0   (D) i = fact  (E) n=i!

Questions 20-21 are based on the Java program given below.

  class Parent
                    int i = 5;

                    public void printOne()

                    public void printTwo()

                class Child extends Parent
                    int i = 6;

                    public void printOne()

                    public static void main ( String args[] )
                        Parent p = new Child(); // 1
                        System.out.println ( p.i );

20.    What is the output of the above program?
            (A) 5  6  5
            (B) 5  5  5
            (C) 6  6  6
            (D) 6  5  6
            (E) 5  6  6

21.    The line marked //1 is replaced by the following line,
            Child p = new Child();
         What will be the output of the program?  
            (A) 6  6  5
            (B) 6  6  6
            (C) 6  5  5
            (D) 5  6  6
            (E) 5  5  6

22.    Consider the DFA given below.

    Which among the following is a regular expression that is equivalent to the set of strings accepted by the automaton?
ab* + c
            (B) a*b + (b + c)

            (C) a + b * c
            (D) ab + b*c
            (E) ab + c*

23.    Hash collision in Hash Tables is usually resolved by the mechanism of probing.  In which of the following probe techniques does the interval between probes increase linearly?
            (A) Linear Probing
            (B) Cuckoo Hashing

            (C) LCFS Hashing
            (D) Quadratic Probing
            (E) Double Hashing

Which of the following provides the most valid argument that a decision problem Q does not have  a polynomial-time algorithm if PNP?
(A) Showing that the satisfiablity problem is polynomial-time reducible to Q.
Showing that Q is polynomial reducible
Showing that Q is in class NP
Showing that Q is in class P
Showing that Q is polynomial reducible to a problem in class NP

25.    Which of the following does NOT correspond to an application layer protocol in the TCP/IP model?
            (A) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
            (B) Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
            (C) Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)
            (D) File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
            (E) Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

26.    Let k be an integer greater than 1. Which of the following represents the order of growth of the expression Σ ki as a function of n?
            (A) Θ(kn (B)
Θ(kn log n (C)  Θ(kn log n)  (D) Θ(k2kn (E) Θ(nk+1)

27.    Let I denote the formula: (q => p) => (p => q)
         Let II denote the formula: (p => q)
   ̂ q
        Which of the following is true?
            (A) I is not a tautology and II is not satisfiable.
            (B) I is not a tautology and II is satisfiable.
            (C) I is satisfiable and II is not satisfiable.
            (D) I is a tautology and II is satisfiable.
            (E) I is satisfiable and II is a tautology.

28.    What is the maximum depth of recursion
if a recursive, depth-first search is used on a completed undirected graph with n vertices?
Θ(1) (B) Θ(log n)  (C) Θ(n1/2)  (D) Θ(n)  (E) Θ(n2)

29.    Which of the following problems is currently known to be tractable?
            (A) Determine whether a given graph has a path that starts and ends at the same vertex and passes through all other vertices exactly once.
            (B) Given n positive integers, determine whether it is possible to partition them into two disjoint subsets with the same sum.
            (C) For a given graph, find the smallest number of colors that need to be assigned to the graph's vertices so that no two adjacent vertices are assigned the same color.
            (D) Determine whether a given graph has a cycle that traverses all the edges of a given graph exactly once.
            (E) Give n items whose sizes are positive rational numbers not larger than 1, put them into the smallest number of bins of size 1.

30.    Changing a certain cache from direct mapped to two-way set-associative caused the hit ratio measured for a certain set of benchmarks to improve from 0.91 to 0.96, with TC = 20 ns, and TM = 70 ns. What is the speedup, assuming no change in TC from the set-associative multiplexer? Speedup is the ratio of the time to complete a process without the improvement to the same process with the improvement.
            (A) 1.00  (B) 1.11  (C) 0.89  (D) 0.96  (E) 1.89

31.    Consider the following circuit diagram of a decoder.
        Assume the delay of the AND gates is thrice that of the Inverters. The delay of the inverters in the PROD mode is 6ns more than in the TEST mode. What would be the delay from the time An inputs appear until there is a valid selection of one of the Sn lines in the PROD mode, if delay of the inverters is 2ns in the TEST mode?
            (A) 64ns  (B) 32ns (C) 24ns  (D) 98ns  (E) 104ns

32.    The relation R is defined as:
            x Ξ y mod n 
         Which of the following properties of an equivalence relation does R have?
            I. Reflexivity
           II. Symmetry
          III. Transitivity

            (A) I and II only
            (B) I, II and III
            (C) I only
            (D) II only
            (E) II and III only

33.    Consider the following Resource Allocation graphs.

        The above graphs are a snapshot of the same make of operating system installed on different machines at a given point in time, running in production mode.  Which of the systems shown above are in deadlock?
            (A) G1 and G2 only
            (B) G1 only
            (C) G2 only
            (D) G1, G2 and G3
            (E)  G3 only
34.    Which of the following is a term usually used to refer to a specific type of malicious software code that is classified as a Trojan Horse, while dealing with System Security?
            (A) Boot Sector Virus
            (B) Logic Bomb
            (C) Worm
            (D) Cross Site Scripting Virus
            (E)  Macro Virus

Program A executed in machine M, there was a record during the execute. 20% of all  instruction was branch, 20% of branch was unconditional branch. Half of conditional branch was executed, another half was not. What is the average cycles per instruction(CPI) during the execute? Instructions were taken during 1 cycle per instruction (i.e.,CPI=1), except for pipeline stall make instruction taken longer, branch executed need 3 cycle stalls, branch did not executed  need 1 cycle stall.    
            (A) 1.24
            (B) 1.36
            (C) 1.40
            (D) 1.44
            (E)  2.20    

36.    You are the designer of the Emerald Programming Language. Emerald is a purely object oriented  language which has the following requirements for its Garbage Collection Mechanism:
            i.     The garbage collector will be able to maintain information in a single bit within the object to reflect its current state.
           ii.     It is expected that the systems will NOT have a very large contiguous region of free memory available on every collection cycle.
          iii.    Cyclic References should be detected by the garbage collector.
        Which of the following garbage collection mechanism  is best suited for the Emerald Programming Language?
            (A) Reference Counting
            (B) Semi-space Collector
            (C) Mark-and-Sweep
            (D) Generational Collector
            (E)  None of the Above

37.    Computer Devices International and Hardboard Inc. are competitors in the Computer Motherboard market. Computer Devices International shipped 5 motherboards to Magic Code Corp, 1 of which is defective. Hardboard Inc. shipped 4 motherboards, of which 2 were defective. If somebody chose a motherboard randomly from all of the shipped motherboards, and found it to be defective, what is the probability that it is manufactured by Computer Devices International?
            (A) 1 / 3
            (B) 2 / 9
            (C) 1 / 9
            (D) 1 / 2
            (E)  2 / 3

Questions 38-39 are based on the pseudo-code of an algorithm given below.
              ET := Φ;
              ecounter := 0;
               k := 0;
               while ecounter < | V | - 1
                    k := k+1;
                    if ET U { ei(k) } is acyclic
                        ET := ET U { ei(k) };
                        ecounter := ecounter + 1;
              return ET;

38.    The above pseudo-code refers to a popular and widely used Algorithm. Input to the pseudo-code is G = { V, E}. E is sorted in the non-decreasing order before input. Output from the code is ET , which is a set of edges. Analyze the above pseudo code and identify the algorithm from among the ones given below.
            (A) Prim's Algorithm
            (B) Dijkstra's Algorithm
            (C) Warshall's Algorithm
            (D) Kruskal's Algorithm
            (E)  Floyd's Algorithm

39.    What is the time efficiency of the above implementation?
            (A) O ( |E| log |V|)
            (B) O ( |E| log |E|)
            (C) O ( |V|2 )
            (D) O ( log |V| log |E| )
            (E) O ( |V|3 )

40.    A CPU has an arithmetic unit that adds bytes and then sets its V, C and Z flag bits as follows. The V-bit is set if arithmetic overflow occurs ( in two's complement arithmetic ).  The C-bit is set if a carry-out is generated from the most significant bit during an operation. The Z-bit is set if the result is zero. What are the values of V, C and Z flag bits after the 8-bit bytes 1100 1100 and 1000 1111 are added?
                        V     C     Z
            (A) 0     0     0
            (B) 1     1     0
            (C) 1     1     1
            (D) 0     0     1
            (E) 0     1     0

41.    Which of the following is/are properties of Access Control Lists in the domain of operating system protection?
            I.    ACL is maintained per object, elements of which identify the right that each of the domains has over the object.
           II.    ACL can be extended easily to define a list plus a default set of access rights.
          III.    ACL is essentially a handle or pointer to a specific object.
            (A) I and II only  (B) II and III only  (C) III only  (D) I only  (E) II only

42.    Shogun
™ Operating System uses the Least Recently Used (LRU) as its Page Replacement Algorithm. What is the number of page faults on the Shogun™ System for the following reference string?
                                        7, 0, 1, 2, 0, 3, 0, 4, 2, 3, 0, 3, 2, 1, 2, 0, 1, 7, 0, 1 

            (A) 11  (B) 12  (C) 9 (D) 14  (E) 10

43.    Which of the following grammar are ambiguous?
<S> <A>
<A> + <A> | <id>
a | b | c

          II.    <S>
<A> + <id> | <id>
a | b | c

         III.    <S>
                <A> → <A> + <A> | <A> − <A>  | a

(A) I only  (B) II only  (C) I and III only  (D) II and III only  (E) I, II and III

44.    FlashSound™ is a software used for MP3 playback which provides features of Song Playlist Management. EzAccess™ is a product and inventory management software. Vendors of both these products are on the lookout for efficient sorting algorithms. FlashSound™ sorting scenario is that the items can be easily exchanged but comparisons are very expensive. In EzAcess™, sorting will be used in situations where items comparisons do not cost much but the cost of item exchanges is very high. Both of them have based their evaluation on the average case asymptotic algorithmic complexity. Which algorithm should the vendors use?
            (A) Insertion Sort for FlashSound; Selection Sort for EzAccess;
            (B) Selection Sort for FlashSound
; Insertion Sort for EzAccess;
            (C) Insertion Sort for both FlashSound
& EzAccess™;
            (D) Selection Sort for both FlashSound
& EzAccess;
            (E)  Bubble Sort for FlashSound
; Insertion Sort for EzAccess;

45.    Symbols a, b, c occur with equal probability. Which of the following is a valid Huffman coding of these symbols?
            (A) a=1, b=0, c= 11
a=0, b=111, c=000
a=0, b= 10, c= 11
            (D) a=1, b=10, c=11
            (E) a=0, b=00, c= 10

46.    Newton Raphson method is used to calculate the square root of 2 using the iteration
                                     x( i+1 ) = ( x( i ) + 2 / x( i ) ) / 2
         If the intial value x(0) is chosen as 1.5, What are the number of iterations needed to get an accuracy of 10-14?
(A) 2
            (B) 4
            (C) 8
            (D) 16

47.    Consider a Language L that is recognized by a machine M. Which of the following statements might not be true?
(A) If M is a non-deterministic pushdown automaton, then L is recursively enumerable.
            (B) If M is a Turing machine, then L is recursive.
            (C) If M is a deterministic pushdown automaton, then L can be represented by a context-free grammar.
            (D) If M is a deterministic finite automaton, then L can be represented by a regular expression.
            (E)  If M is a non-deterministic finite automaton, then L can be represented by a context-free grammar.

48.    In a pipelined computer where all arithmetic instructions have the same cycles per instruction, which of the following would improve the execution time of a typical program?
            I.    Increasing the clock cycle rate.
           II.    Doubling the size of instruction cache without changing the clock cycle time.
          III.    Doubling the size of data cache without changing the clock cycle time.

(A) I only  (B) II only  (C) III only  (D) II and III only  (E) I, II and III

49.    For each non-negative integer n, let Rn be the greatest possible number of regions into which the plane can be partitioned by n straight lines. For example, R0 = 1, R1 = 2. Then Rn has order
(A) Θ(n) (B) Θ(n log n)  (C) Θ(2n)  (D) Θ(n!)  (E) Θ(n2)

50.    In Linked Allocation Method of Disk Allocation, each file is treated as a linked list of disk blocks. What is/are the major disadvantage(s) of this technique?
            I.    There is a large amount of external fragmentation.
           II.    It is not effective for random access.
          III.    It is not effective for sequential access.
(A) I only  (B) II only  (C) I and III only  (D) III only  (E) I and II only

51.    Which of the following statements is not true?
(A) The class of context free languages is closed under union, intersection and concatenation.
            (B) The class of regular languages is closed under union, intersection and concatenation.
            (C) The class of languages Turing-Decidable in Polynomial time (Class P) is closed under union, intersection and concatenation.
            (D) The class of recursively enumerable languages is closed under union, intersection and concatenation.
            (E)  The class of recursive languages is closed under union, intersection and concatenation.

Questions 52-53 are based on the following scenario.
You are appointed as the Software Architect in a startup company Sumsoft, Inc.
Sumsoft is a high technology company in the field of Operating Systems. The CEO of Sumsoft has entrusted you the responsibility to appoint highly talented developers and to manage and setup the development environment and strategy in the company, with the following constraints:
              A.    Developers should store their code on the server's file system.
              B.    Developers will be allowed to get any file from the server's file system on their workstation.
              C.    Developers should be able to produce local binaries or builds of the entire source code.
              D.    Multiple Developers should not be able to work on the same version of the file.
52.    Considering all of the above, Which of the following components is a mandatory component required to setup the environment?
(A) Time Sharing Central Server
            (B) Version Control System
            (C) Compiler capable of opening TCP/IP connection
            (D) Access Control System
            (E)  Proxy Server

53.    An additional constraint has been added by you to meet rapidly growing business requirements:
               E.    Developers should write the automated test cases
defining requirements of the code, before each aspect of the code itself is written and to be able to rapidly and incrementally deliver functionality to the customer.
                Which among the following software development model will be ideal in the scenario?
(A) Rapid Application Development
            (B) Unified Process
            (C) Cleanroom Software Engineering
            (D) Test Driven Development
            (E)  Waterfall Model

Accessing memory that is in a processor's virtual address space, not in its physical address space, will typically cause:
(A) Interrupt
            (B) Fatal Exception
            (C) Page Fault
            (D) Halt
            (E) Semaphore

55.    Which of the following is NOT represented in a subroutine's activation record frame for a stack-based programming language?
(A) Heap Area
            (B) Values of Local Variables
            (C) Return Address
            (D) Stack Pointer for Calling Activation Record
            (E) Information needed to access nonlocal variables

56.    What is the maximum number of nodes in a k-ary tree of height h?
(A) h * ( k - 1 )
            (B) k * ( h + 1 ) - 1
            (C) kh
            (D) k * ( h + 1 )
            (E) h * ( k + 1 )

57.    Consider the following piece of C code.
                int sum = 0;
                typedef cell CellPtr*;
                struct cell
                    float floatNbr;
                    CellPtr next_cell;
                } CellPtr X;

        Assume that the above code is used to implement a linked list, and that X points to a cell before a cell that is to be deleted. Which of these statements correctly deletes the cell from the list?
(A) X->nextCell = X->nextCell->nextCell;
            (B) X = X->nextCell;
            (C) X = X->nextCell->nextCell;
            (D) X->nextCell = X->cellPtr->nextCell;
            (E) X->cellPtr = X->cellPtr->nextCell;

58.    Processes P1 and P2 have a producer-consumer relationship, communicating by the use of a set of shared buffers:
            P1 :    repeat
Obtain an empty buffer
                        fill it
                        return a full buffer

            P2 :    repeat
                        Obtain a full buffer
                        empty it
                        return an empty buffer

Increasing the number of buffers is likely to do which of the following? 
I.    Increase the rate at which requests are satisified (Throughput)
           II.    Decrease the likelihood of deadlock
          III.    Increase the ease of achieving a correct implementation
            (A) I only  (B) II only  (C) III only  (D) II and III only  (E) I, II and III

59.    Which of the following has been designed with the following motivations:
            I.    Transfer of Data to and from the processor is standardized.
           II.    Number of connections to the processor chip or board is reduced.
(A) Shared I/O
            (B) Memory-Mapped I/O
            (C) Isolated I/O
            (D) Interrupt Driven I/O
            (E) Programmed I/O

60.    Consider a data type whose elements are integers and whose operations are INSERT, DELETE and FINDCLOSEST, with FINDCLOSEST(y) defined to be some element x in the current set such that
                    |x-y| <= |xi-y| for all xi in the current set.

                    Let T = max ( TINSERT, TDELETE , TFINDCLOSEST ), where TOP denotes the worst-case time complexity for the given operation OP. Which of the following data structures would be the best to use in order to minimize T?
(A) Sorted List
            (B) Unordered List
            (C) Implicit Heap
            (D) AVL Tree
            (E) Hash Table

61.    Which of the following is true of the JPEG format for photographic images?
(A) It Provides Lossless Compression.
            (B) It is not well suited for drawing line segments and sharp edges.
            (C) It is not very useful for exchanging pictures on the internet.
            (D) It is format usually used for editing images.
            (E) It requires more relative space to
store than other popular formats. 

62.    Consider the following C code.
            int f ( int x )
                if ( x <  1 )
                    return 1;
                    return f ( x-1 ) + g ( x );

            int g ( int x )
                if ( x < 2 )
                    return 1;
                    return f ( x-1 ) + g ( x/2 );
            Of the following, which best describes the growth of f(x) as a function of x ?
(A) Logarithmic
            (B) Linear
            (C) Quadratic
            (D) Cubic
            (E) Exponential

63.    If DFA denotes "deterministic finite automata" and NDFA denotes "non deterministic finite automata", which of the following is FALSE?
(A) For any language L, if L can be recognized by DFA, then L' can be recognized by DFA.
            (B) For any language L, if L can be recognized by NDFA, then L' can be recognized by NDFA.
            (C) For any language L, if L is context-free, then L' is context-free.
            (D) For any language L, if L can be recognized in polynomial time, then L' can be recognized in polynomial time.
            (E) For any language L, if L is decidable, then L' is decidable.

Questions 64-65 are based on the following procedures.
procedure outerOne
                a : integer;
                b : integer;

                procedure innerOne(x,y)
                    y = y + b;
                    x = b + x;
                    b = x + b;
                    a = y;
                end innerOne;
                a = 2; b = 7;
                write(a); write(b);
            end outerOne;

64.    Which of the following values are output when procedure outerOne is called, when parameters are passed by value?
   a     b  
            (A)  2      7    
            (B)  2      9    
            (C)  9    14    
            (D)14    16    
            (E) 30    30     

65.    Which of the following values are output when procedure outerOne is called, when parameters are passed by reference? 
a     b  
            (A)  2     7    
            (B)  2     9    
            (C)  9    14    
            (D)14    16    
            (E) 30    30

66.    Which of the following CANNOT be represented exactly by a binary number?
(A) 1/8  (B) 69.50  (C) 384  (D) 0.1 (E) 0.5

67.    Which of the following purposes is/are usually served by a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document?
            I.     It provides details of the development team and the cost involved in developing the software.
           II.     It includes
use cases that describe all of the interactions that the users will have with the software.
          III.     It contains nonfunctional or supplementary requirements.
            (A) I only  (B) I and II only  (C) III only  (D) II and III only  (E) II only

Questions 68-69 are based on the following code.
program main ( input , output )
                var a : integer;
                var b : integer;

                procedure X;
                    if ( a>b ) then a := 2*a;
                    else b := 2*b;
                end A;

                procedure Y;
                    var a, b;
                     i := 1;
                     j := 2;
                end Y;

                a := 25; b := 35;

68.    What is the value of j output by the above program if dynamic scoping is in effect?
(A) 35  (B) 4 (C) 70 (D) 25  (E) 8

69.    What is the value of j output by the above program if static scoping is in effect?
(A) 25  (B) 70  (C) 35  (D) 45 (E) 4

70.    In the RSA system of encryption, the public key of a given user is e=7 and two prime numbers used during encryption are p=3, q=11.  What is the generated ciphertext for a plaintext M=5?
           (A) 11  (B) 86  (C) 14  (D) 36 (E) 28


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